One of a kind jewellery

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I have made a discovery of jewellery with beads and old style pieces such as Swarovsky Austrian crystal, beads from Czechoslovakia, mother of pearl, all of these creations from the French jeweller whose boutique was located on Côte de la Fabrique in Quebec City between 1930 and 1967.

This stock lay dormant in a garage for 35 years until September 11 2001, at which time I found myself in an historical house in Charlesbourg, not far from Québec, helping a woman who had just inherited the family house along with its contents (the oldest sister had just died). It was a veritable goldmine! I managed to salvage much of the inventory and many of the unique beads, like the crystal ones that aren’t cut the same as they are today. These are original items that are no longer available and highly collectible.